Heavy and Oversized cargo transportation

Arleelines carries out door-to-door transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes by all means of transport with the organization of all related work and services: selection of the optimal rolling stock, preparation of transport, obtaining the necessary permits and approvals for transportation.

Using modern rolling stock:

fulfillment of the terms of the transport order including the agreed deadlines of cargo delivery
compliance with legal requirements and modern environmental standards
cargo safety (optimal placement and secure fastening)
driver and road user safety

The presence of our company in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan allows us to consistently and fully meet the needs of our clients in international transportation of goods in Europe and the CIS countries.

We offer our Customers comprehensive solution

1 Reservation of the required number of transport, taking into account the delivery time and characteristics of the goods
2 Route optimization
3 Transportation of cargoes of high volumes (up to 100 m³) and a height of up to 3 meters;
4 Transportation of high-value goods without convoy
5 Providing a daily report on the fulfillment of the transport order (indicating the location of the cargo and arrival forecast)
6 Additional cargo insurance by 100-110% (to the current CMR insurance policy)
7 Control (check) and timely provision of shipping documents for customs procedures
8 Transportation of goods requiring a certain temperature regimes
9 Transportation of dangerous cargoes (ADR)